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Free Standard shipping $99+ | Shop now pay later with Klarna

WeBoost Connect RV 65

by weBoost

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Being connected is now more important than ever. The weBoost Connect RV 65 cellular signal booster is a simple, effective solution to significantly improve the strength of cellular signal within any RV.

The weBoost Connect RV 65 provides benefits for all users on all cellular-enabled devices on all carriers while in your parked RV. It uses a powerful 5-band cellular signal booster to provide maximum signal inside your RV, making it most effective even when used in weak cell phone signal areas. weBoost cellular signal boosters improve data speeds as well - including 4G LTE - no matter which cellular carrier you use in the United States. The Connect RV 65 comfortably handles multiple simultaneous connections across multiple carriers, providing effortless cellular voice and data communications for all users.Included in the kit is a telescoping pole that extends up to 25' tall, allowing the outside directional cellular antenna to maximize the signal from the nearest cell tower. Initial installation takes approximately 30 minutes, with only 10 minutes needed to set up and take down the pole and outside antenna when parked. It comes with a 2-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee. Go Rving and change your camping world to your Glamping world.

Features:Reliable cell signal and more consistent data speeds. Faster data downloads. Up to 2 hours additional talk time in weak-signal areas. Boosts signal for all U.S. cell carriers