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Free Standard shipping $99+ | Shop now pay later with Klarna

Voila Complex and Structured Instant Camp Coffee

by Voila

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Not sure which Voila camp coffee to start with? Why settle for 1 box when you can have a set? Both of these flavors are sure to get your morning on the trail or off the grid to a good start. Pour a packet into your favorite travel mug, add hot water, and Voila! Your cup of coffee is ready.

Voila Structured camp coffee | Rich & Comforting

First up, the tried and true classic. The Structured box is full-bodied, rich, and delicious; achieving the classic camp coffee taste you'd want.

Structured coffees are typically from South America roasted "medium-dark" and go down great black or with cream. These coffees are exactly what you need on those a-little-too-early mornings.

Voila Complex camp coffee | Balanced & Inviting

 Next up we have the camp coffee for everyone - Complex coffees strike the perfect balance of rich, sweet, and fruity qualities - think of it as a three-part harmony!

These coffees are typically from Central or South America and roasted "medium". Don't be surprised if you go back for a second or third cup. 


VOILA is specialty instant coffee. Every cup is meticulously crafted from the best specialty coffees in the world to precise extractions: upholding quality from farm to cup. With VOILA, you don’t have to settle for office coffee or lug around brew equipment every day. If you have water at your campsite, you can have amazing off the grid coffee in seconds.

2 boxes / 10 packets total

5 packets per box

.13oz (3.8g) per packet

Boxes are made from 80% post-consumer-waste recycled paper using wind-power and material is made carbon neutral. Please be kind and recycle these boxes. Packets are made from 100% compostable material. ASTM 6400 certified for industrial and municipal compostability. 

Voila Instant camp coffee