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Biolite firepit +

The Best Wood Burning Fire Pit of 2021

Taking Advantage of the BioLite Wood Burning FirePit +

 Even if you are an expert, sometimes starting a fire can be difficult. There is much more to it than simply pouring a cup of gas onto a woodpile (which is NOT recommended) and using your lighter to get a roaring flame. Luckily with something like the BioLite FirePit, you don’t need to rely on this kind of fire starting method!


 If you have never heard of the BioLite Wood Burning FirePit, then you are missing out on some amazing benefits. This little stove is sleek, lightweight, and extremely good-looking. The rechargeable battery powers air jets that help to control your flames. You can even control this airflow, as well as how high your flames go, from an app on your phone!


 Off The Grid Collective - Biolite Fire Pit + bluetooth

   Needless to say, whether you are grilling out in the backyard or on the beach, or have an extended camping trip in the mountains, the BioLite FirePit is a perfect accessory for every occasion. If you have ever gotten frustrated around a conventional fire or other types of grill or fire pit, then you will absolutely love the BioLite FirePit after you learn of all of its useful features and benefits.


Useful Benefits


Every year it seems that there are more and more wildfires across the country, and many places will have special restrictions in place as far as fires go. This makes a portable fire pit a great option for campers in these types of areas, where a typical fire may not be allowed. And thanks to its smaller size and incredible lightweight, the FirePit looks even more attractive in these types of areas.


The portability of this unit allows you to take it anywhere you travel to, and it does not take up a whole lot of space in your vehicle or storage while transporting it. Every camper knows just how important space is when packing gear, and how important it is to bring along everything you might need. It is also incredibly easy to use, and if you have ever used a charcoal grill before, you will be no stranger to the setup of the FirePit. But one of the best parts of the FirePit? Keeping that pesky smoke out of your face.


 The BioLite FirePit does a much better job at ventilating and controlling smoke than anything else out on the market. There is nothing better than relaxing around a fire without having to constantly change and move your position in order to avoid the smoke. Imagine never having to do this again thanks to this unit’s ability to control smoke with its air jets and keep you comfortable and relaxed!


   The BioLite helps to make cooking a much easier task as well. This is because you will not need a separate fire pit, grill, and starter. Utility and the cleanup are easier because of this and saves you even more space and money from having to have less equipment. When it comes to camping, every little item that you have to bring will start to add up to weight and space. If you can eliminate a few things that you have to bring, this brings your weight and space savings up and will help to eliminate the possibility of potentially forgetting an important piece of gear.


   The battery is better than anything else on the market as well and has an insanely long life. You can use this grill for over a week, enjoying evening fires and cooking meals, and may only need to charge it once. The app will actually tell you how much battery you have left depending on the fan setting that you have it set to. Charging it is very easy and does not take a long time at all. Because one charge lasts so long, you will spend more time enjoying the grill than charging it.


   As you can see, there are plenty of different benefits to using the BioLite Wood Burning FirePit, and plenty of reasons as to why you might want to pick one up for yourself. There is almost no end to its usefulness, especially if you enjoy the outdoors and spend a lot of time outside. Who knows? You may even find more benefits for yourself once you begin using it in your life.


Using the BioLite FirePit


   Actually using the BioLite Firepit is a breeze and the engineering is second to none. The fan is powered by a battery pack that is rechargeable via USB and will give you around 24 hours of run time on its lowest settings. This will keep your FirePit going consistently as long as you keep giving it plenty of fuel to burn.


  Of course, the higher settings will have less run time but are much more effective at circulating the air and keeping the smoke at bay. This fan can be controlled from the controls on the side of the unit or by the app. Both of these options are very easy to use and take seconds to figure out for someone who has never used them before. From start to finish, every part of this fire pit is sleek and easy to use, making it great for anyone no matter who they are.

 Final Thoughts 

   Overall, the BioLite FirePit is much higher quality than other similar fire pits and is at a much better price point. From a functional standpoint, you will enjoy all of the high-quality parts and durability that it will give you. If you have never experienced sitting around a BioLite FirePit, you owe it to yourself to get one and see what you have been missing out on!

 Watch the video below for all of the great uses and then let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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