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Fall Leaves While Camping

Fall is the best time to go camping with Family.

Fall is the best time for family camping. 

   Autumn holds a special place in most people’s memories and normally our first thought is, it is time to go camping! Summer days here in Florida are excellent for swimming and staying up late, but Fall offers a special, natural beauty. I know what you are thinking but wait, do not pack your camping gear just yet; here are a few of the reasons that make fall the best time to camp.

A forest full of color

 The colors in fall simply are a sight to see. When you hit the road and cruise north on a sunny autumn day, you will be awestruck by the beautiful hues of red, orange, and golden yellow. The evening sun’s rays make it a magical time. Some of the best areas for fall camping are Northern Ga and New England, but the West Coast and mid-west are incredible, too. Colorado, Washington, and Michigan are also amazing in the fall. Get out your GoPro or cell phone and take plenty of pictures and video!

GoRving and see the Autumn leaves

Photo credits

Cool weather 

Whether you are glamping in an RV or a tent, summer temps are sometimes just too hot. Fall temperatures are usually predictable and pleasant. Mornings are crisp and clear, best enjoyed with the first cup of hot coffee. Layering your clothing is important because the days start off cool, but fall’s midday sun gets you warm fast, especially when hiking beautiful waterfalls or other outdoor adventures. The best part about the cooler temperatures is the perfect weather for evenings around a campfire. One of the best campfire pits is the Solo Stove. Easy to light, burns hotter and has less smoke. If you’re wondering what size SoloStove to get, I recommend the bonfire. It is easy to manage at your campsite and store in your RV.  Your campsite neighbors will be jealous! You can check the full collection out here.

Camping with the Solostove Bonfire

No Bugs – mostly!  

   Bugs, biting flies, and mosquitoes have a special way of driving campers crazy. The tiny bzzz of a mosquito in your ear is a sound most of us will never forget. I for one have had many years of tasting deep woods off as its thick chemical mist blankets the air. Most campers and motorhome’s have bug nets or pop up shelters but most of the time, we still find ourselves covered in bites. An option to keep the bugs away is the Thermacell Scout Mosquito Repeller Camp Lantern. It has an impressive 15ft perimeter to keep the mosquitoes away. You can see the full collection here. Cooler temperatures mean fewer bugs, especially in wooded areas where all of us love to camp.

Thermacell Mosquito Lantern for Campsite


Economical camp site prices

   RV parks and campsites get pricey during peak season. Late spring and summer fees, along with the heat make it low on the list of a camper’s priorities. However, when fall rolls around, most campsites and RV parks see lower traffic, so they lower their rates. Prices generally become affordable just after Labor Day. Make sure you make plan early, as most sites are first come, first serve, especially with the increase in campers enjoying nature due to current events. Do not forget to stock up on gear before you go. We have tents, fire pits and other gear you need to turn your camping world into your Glamping world!


    So, are you ready to camp this year? Are you a seasoned camper or just starting out? Do you have your favorite sites already picked out? I would love to hear from you. Make sure to leave a comment for us!


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