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Appliances You Have To Have On Your Next RV Glamping Trip

Appliances You Have To Have On Your Next RV Glamping Trip

RV at Campsite

This List Of Appliances Are Perfect For Your Next Camping or Rving Adventure.

Hitting the road in an RV or even full timing is the pinnacle moment for a lot of us. The rewards and memories made are irreplaceable. Today’s Tiny homes and RV’s have ample storage and allow modern conveniences to be brought straight to the campsite. But what are the best appliances for camping?

When you have a big family or a lot of guest at your campsite, sometimes cooking outdoors on the grill or over the campfire is not fast enough or its too much work. So, it is time to turn to kitchen electrics to overcome our challenges and quickly cook our meals.

Below, we have put together a list of 5 appliances that will turn your camp trip into your Glamp trip!

Before you read on there is one thing we must talk about: All RV’s and sites have an amperage rating you must follow. Some of the items we have listed can quickly overload yours, and the sites electrical system. Make sure you follow your manufactures guidelines to stay within your amperage load rating.


  1. Coffee Maker 

The first up on our list is the coffee maker. I know, it doesn't really seem like a glamping item but I digress. What early morning does not start snuggled up in a blanket, with the smell of smoke from the camp fire and a sunrise coming over the mountaintops? Coffee makers have been around for ever and most households have one. Believe it or not we bring a coffee maker and our espresso machine. Nothing like having your favorite latte at the site, right? The Chefman coffee maker is up to the task and also has a programmable option if you want to have your coffee piping hot when you wake up. You can see it here.

Chefman Programmable Coffee Maker


  1. Slow Cooker

Camping in your Rv is all about getting to your destination, setting your site up and then most of the time, getting out and checking out the sites or adventuring to the nearest outdoor waterfall hike. When your done with your day, (especially if you have been chasing little ones) cooking at the site can be such a chore. This is where a good crock pot style slow cooker can work magic. Start in the morning with your ingredients, set it and then when you get home…viola your meal is ready to serve to you hungry guests! You can see more here.

 Chefman 5 Quart Oval  All Natrual Slow Cooker - Off The Grid Collective



If your feeling even more glamperific, (is that a word?) you are in for a treat. The Chef IQ pressure cooker takes all the guess work out of your meal planning. Turn it on, pick a meal from the digital display, and then it tells you what ingredients to add! Convenient right? Get yours here.

Chef IQ Pressure Cooker


  1. Portable Griddle or Grill

  The next best thing to your outdoor griddle and one item I leave in the RV is the humble griddle. These griddles tackle any food you throw at them with ease. Bacon and eggs, Steak and veggies, Salmon, Chicken or whatever else you can dream up. They heat up fast, cook evenly for the most part and store easy. You can get yours here.


Chefman Electric Griddle - Off The Grid Collective


If your ready to take a step up in your glamperness (ok this one has to be a word right?) from the flat top griddle, how about the smokeless griddle. Talk about a steak, chicken, or any other food with grill marks. With a little practice you can wow your friends with steakhouse quality food! You can find it here.

  1. Air Fryer

Ok, I know we are entering non camper territory but just imagine with me for a minute. Your cooking burgers on your favorite Blackstone or charcoal grill and next to you on the table is your Air Fryer whipping up a batch of French fries or chicken wings or…? Do you see what I see? An amazing dinner without the big burner and hot oil to burn guest who come too close. Another bonus, your neighbors will be jealous of your super glamping style! You can find it here.

  1. Countertop Ice maker

The last on our list, and one of the best items you can bring to glamp it up a notch is the countertop ice maker. Hot days at the site can really heat your tumbler up and we all know your freezer is stuffed to the max with frozen vegetables your probably not going to make your kids eat… Who has room for a bag of ice?

Pour your bottled water in to the back of the machine, and within minutes you have beautiful ice cubes ready for your favorite drink. You can find it here. I hear you; you have a fancy new RV and it has a residential fridge with an ice maker. Are you really going to use the ice with water from the site? If you do make sure you use an inline water filter!


That is it for our list of camping appliances.  I know the purist in you is saying no way would I be caught with any of these, but the modern kitchen cook in you is saying yes please! Make sure you check out our site for all your camping gear needs to turn your camping world into your glamping world!


What are your thoughts? What appliances are a must for you to bring on your trips?

Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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