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Mountain View in RV

7 Essentials For Your First RV Camping Trip



1. Water Filter

Camco Water Filter


Filtered water is a must for your RV.  Water filters remove sediment, chlorine, discolored water and other chemicals that can enter your pipes and water holding tanks. 

2. Fresh water hose

Fultyme Fresh Water Hose

Drinking water only water hoses are just as important as your water filters when you are on the road. The white color makes it easily distinguishable from any other hoses you may use. This hose connects your RV to the water supply at campgrounds and RV parks. Some RV's freshwater hoses internally protect from mold and mildew. This one easily attaches to the faucet, prevents tangles, and protects itself from mildew and mold.

3. Water Pressure Regulator

Camco water pressure regulator 40058

Rv plumbing is sensitive to water pressure. On-demand and tankless water heaters will not keep consistent heat or may not even light at all if the pressure is too high or too low. Using a pressure regulator is essential to avoid damage or other plumbing issues, but is often overlooked. Regulators are easy to install inline with your water hose. Older RVs should be set around 50 psi and newer RV's are generally around 60 psi.  

4. Sewer Hose

Fultyme Rv Sewer Hose 20'

A good quality sewer hose is a must. A sewer hose connects your black water or waste tank to the campsites sewer drain. Its best to have a longer option because placements at the sites vary greatly. 

5. Rv Toilet Paper

 Camco RV and Marine Toilet Paper

Yes, you could use any septic safe toilet paper in your RV but the problems it could cause you are not a fun way to spend your first camping trip. Toilet tissue that is not specifically designed for RV's or septic systems can clog your pipes, cause your valves to stick and create level sensor problems. 

6. Leveling Blocks

AP Products RV Jack Pads

A huge source of frustration for all campers (not to be outdone by backing your rig in!) is making sure your rig is level at the campsite. There is just something not right about sleeping in an bed that isn’t level. With the proper leveling system and jack pads you can gain extra height and be sure not to sink into soft foundations.

7. Surge Protector

 Southwire Surge Guard 30A – Model 44280

Today's desire for entertainment while camping often require the use of TVs, Wifi hubs, satellite systems and other sensitive electronics. One surge from a unregulated campsite electrical source can be just enough to cause all kinds of trouble. Don't leave your investments to chance...Always use a surge protector!

With our list you have a great head start on your new adventures. Check out our website for more gear, tents and fire-pits for your campsite. Now get out and GoRving!

Tell us what essentials you bring on your trip! Lets Glamp!


 photo credit Siggy Nowak

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